Does an 80s party count??

I’ve just finished blogging about my outfit for a works Christmas party and smiled all the time whist doing it! Looking at the pix I can’t believe I went out looking like that!! But, it was a fun night and it felt great to let my crimped hair down and PARTY!! You may not believe it, but I had to drive due to not being too close to home, so was sober but still danced my leg warmers off and had sore feet the next day as a reminder. 


If you’d like to see how both of the outfits were put together, and special guests Boy George and Wham, please take a look at my blog – Thimberlina


9 thoughts on “Does an 80s party count??

  1. Oh, what a wild night you had, and what crazy outfits! And what a great idea to reinvent your denim that way. Have 2 old prs of jeans I almost threw out & am going to re-do so thank you for the inspiration! And I do need leg warmers sometimes, so am grateful to know what you used for those.
    Have a delightful Happy Holiday!


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