Two new techniques for me!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year to all of you!

Coco Jacket

I have to admit that I am cheating a little bit here, I actually finished this jacket in November, but I am so excited about the techniques I’ve learnt that I had to post them here.

First of all, the pattern. This is the Coco Jacket from another Indie company, Schnittchen, she is a lovely girl from Germany, ,but she also offers a few patterns with instructions in English on her Etsy shop :

This is such a great pattern, beautifully drafted, all the notches matched, perfect sizing, it was a very smooth sewing from beginning to end, I didn’t have to use my seam ripper once, which is very unusual for me…! One thing that I really liked is that the sleeves are made by two pieces, their fitting is great!

The pattern instructions are really good, but I was itching to use this tutorial from Jen (Grainline), to bag line the jacket. People, I lined a jacket! This is so cool to me, you wouldn’t believe it! The tutorial is perfect, with lots of pictures, I just followed it together with the pattern instructions and at the end I came to the conclusion that lining a jacket is easy! The only problem is that now I want to line everything, haha! Here is the link to the tutorial:

But this is not the end… The other technique that I’ve learnt while sewing this jacket was how to set in the sleeves using Bias Tape. Brilliant! It’s the most beautiful sleeve I’ve ever sewed! I first came across this technique reading Gertie’s book, but her technique was a little bit too complicated to me, so I used this video tutorial instead, again, perfect instructions! It looks really simple and easy because it is! I am now a convert, I am using this technique for all of the sleeves from now on… No more gathering for me (which I really dislike to do, anyway…). Here are the links to both videos: (Easy method) (Gertie’s method, her video is at the bottom of the post)

The fabric is baby cord on the outside, and stretch cotton for the lining… Sorry I am not actually wearing the jacket, but it is now summer in Brazil, and today is a mere 40C outside…

That’s it; see you all on the next challenge!

All the best from Brazil,


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  1. Ease with bias tape? Brilliant! Just watched the video (easy method). What a great trick, thanks for sharing. And your cape looks lovely. All the best 🙂


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