Announcing February’s Challenge!

Happy New Year Monthly stitchers! 🙂

Sorry this announcement post is a little late, ’tis the season and all that:


February’s challenge is pants!

As in trousers, or shorts, or leggings, or other leg wearing type things…

Are you up for the challenge?

Have you made pants before?

What even counts as pants?!

There are lots of great patterns to choose from, or perhaps you’d like to try drafting your own?

To make sure that our pants don’t end up pants there are so many amazing tutorials to share with you so don’t be scared, be brave!

Got a pattern in mind already? Know a great tutorial? Let us know in the comments…

Happy sewing for 2014 xx

17 thoughts on “Announcing February’s Challenge!

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  3. Really looking forward to this! I need pants that fit desperately! I’m going to start with a woven pair using Kwik Sew 3625. They are a bit too flared for my tastes, but I’ll just use some RTW jeans that I love the leg shape on to adjust the leg.


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  5. Pants yay! I have never made pants before, also I’m new here and very excited about all this 🙂
    I have a pattern in mind, knit stretchy pants, a pattern from Burda mag January issue.


  6. Neat, I’m really looking forward to February, it’ll force me (finally) to get around to using those Craftsy classes I bought ages ago for pant fitting and construction. I’ve made a few pairs of pants over the years. When I was skinnier I fitted the big 4 pants patterns without alterations but now things are very different


  7. I had just decided to give Thurlow trousers a shot in a nice denim with 2% spandex. So maybe this will help me out with that! I’ve made a skirt but this will be my first pair of pants!


  8. This is right on the money for me……I just worked up a wearable muslin of the Cake Patterns Espresso leggings & they turned out great. I am planning to make many more for this frigid & snowy Midwest winter!


  9. oooo, exciting! So for I have only over made pants from two patterns (but about 5 different pairs off the one pattern) so maybe Februray will be the month when I expand my horizons.


    • I was like you until last year when I suddenly had my pants epiphany. What worked for me was to cut one size larger than I normally would so I had a little more room for manovre. I also used a fabric with a slight amount of stretch for my first pair – it’s a little more forgiving of fitting mistakes that way. But don’t chose fabric with lots of stretch as it “grows” on you as you wear it and so after a few hours wear your once perfectly fitting pants will be one size too large. Ask me how I know this…


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