New Skill: Double Welt Pockets

My second new skill for 2014 is double welt pockets.

weltI have had an uneasy history with welt pockets, so I started my first double welt pockets with some trepidation, but everything went really well. You can read the making-of on my blog. Hopefully I manage to finish the blazer during January so I can show it here on TMS!

6 thoughts on “New Skill: Double Welt Pockets

    • That’s precisely what I thought. In the end I have much more trouble with simple things, because I don’t concentrate enough. The supposedly difficult stuff tends to end up ok 🙂


  1. That looks so professional! I made a single welt pocket last night for the first time, but not on a garment. Did you use an line turorial? I’m heading over to your blog now to read more!


    • I have read a few tutorials over the years, but I did not use a particual one for this garment. It’s actually not that difficult als long as you stitch both lines exactly parallel and exactly the same length and cut right to the corner but not into it. I guess that is kinda what all the tutorials say 🙂


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