Pad Stitched Cape by Erin


Look! It’s Little Red Riding Hood! Oh, no, wait. That’s me in my new cape for the January challenge. Am I too late to chalk this one up to the August Cape Challenge, too? 🙂
My New Skill for the challenge:


Pad stitching! Yep. I finally tackled the big bad scary world of tailoring. It wasn’t too bad. However, my pad stitching skills are bad. I used some real hair canvas that I picked up at a shop in North Carolina when I went to visit my Grandmama. I didn’t realize that it was actually fusible hair canvas until I started to cut it. Who knew? I had no idea they even made fusible hair canvas. Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of it being hair canvas for tailoring? Doesn’t that seem like a cheat? Tempted as I was by this cheat, I dutifully pad stitched this little collar following the directions in Gertie’s book combined with random bits of tailoring info I’ve gleaned from the web over the years.

Want more details? The vintage Frankenpattern, fabric, mishaps, construction details, and loads more photos over on my blog Vint Hill Vintage.

9 thoughts on “Pad Stitched Cape by Erin

  1. Wow, fusible hair canvas? I am as surprised as you! You stitching looks beautiful, better than I could have done, hand stitching is something I REALLY need to work on. Does the extra tailoring work make it feel “different”? It certainly looks great, can you tell the extra work that went into it?

    I am going to go ahead and add this to the cape category too 😉


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