Hand-rolled hem

I didn’t think I’d learned a new skill this month, but how wrong I was… I learned loads last year from flat felled seams, hand picking a zip, front fly zip, to mention a few.

Anyway, this skirt is self-drafted, made from a fine polyester crepe border print. I had to cut the fabric in half first, then match up the large circles on the side seams. The crepe is pleated onto a waistband made from black cotton lawn. I also lined the skirt with the same cotton lawn. The pleats (there’s 35 of them!) are stitched down about 3 inches.

So what’s new? Well I did a hand rolled hem which is something I’ve not done before. I did think to borrow a rolled hem foot from Mel, but in the end Juliet gave me a YouTube link which was great. The lady on the video is left handed and goes from left to right, I ended up reversing the stitching and stitched from right to left. It’s worked a treat. I have a great rolled hem and have learned a new skill in the mean time. Check out this hem!

For more information check my blog.

The photos were taken by Kat with Mel around. This is the best way to get photos, I reckon nearly all of them I’m laughing, plus there were some interesting outtakes…



7 thoughts on “Hand-rolled hem

  1. Not only do I love that rolled hem, I absolutely love the skirt. The fabric, the pleats, the lining…I love the whole thing! I might even use it as inspiration to create one for myself.


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