New Technique: Setting in a sleeve using the bias tape technique

I’m  telling you, I have found January’s challenge so inspirational! I have thought about so many techniques that I would like to learn and have actually tried a few. The latest was setting in a sleeve by sewing bias tape to the seam allowance.

IMG_6680 I am not 100% in love with this technique just yet, I have to admit. I think I did a few things wrong, using self fabric rather than a thinner material and maybe not stretching the bias enough while sewing it on – I did get a few wrinkles in the sleevehead. Or maybe it’s just that my usual method (gathering stitches in the seam allowance and then pinning and sewing carefully over the gathers) works well and it doesn’t take all that long. But I will sure try the bias tape technique again, maybe I need a little more practice.

If you want to have a look at what garment received those sleeves, hop on over to my blog.

But now it’s onwards and upwards towards Smarty Pants month! What are your plans re: pants sewing?

3 thoughts on “New Technique: Setting in a sleeve using the bias tape technique

  1. Really interesting. I have learned so many new techniques from all the contributors this month. I always find that the first time trying a technique I am not quite sure about it and if I will use it again. The second go around is usually much better. Maybe you will like it more when you try it again. It seems like it would work well. Next months challenge frightens me but I know I need to overcome my fear because I need pants in my everyday wardrobe. I am thinking about the clover pants from Colette in a classic navy or black,,sort of cigarette pant.


  2. This is an interesting technique, I’ve always added sleeve heads to my sleeves but I hadn’t heard of using the bias strip to ease the sleeve before sewing it in. I think I’ll give it a try. Maybe when I make a jacket to go with the pants I’ll be making for next months challenge 🙂


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