Mod Coat dress with a Stitchless Zipper

I set out searching for inspiration to participate in this months challenge (I blogged my inspiration process here) and became exhilarated by a 1966 coat dress by Marc Bohan for Dior which utilized a stitchless zipper as a closure.

Although it was stated that this zipper method was used extensively in the 1960’s; I was unable to find a tutorial of a stitchless zipper for reference and in turn crafted my variation from the verbiage of  Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire B. Shaeffer.

According to the text, in order to apply the technique the garment must have a backing. I used a front facing as the backing along the center front opening. Then fell stitch the edges of the zip to the facing. As an extra measure I machine stitched my zip to the facing. This was not a necessary step but it lets me sleep better at night knowing that zipper is never going anywhere.

Next I blind stitched the edges of the facing to the garment body. Not one of those zipper stitches can be seen from the garment front but by NO means is this a zipper that was not stitched. And lastly a lining was added to cover the zipper edges.

No stitches can be seen on the garment exterior

If the challenge of the zipper method was not enough for me, I implemented myriad other techniques to refresh my skills and keep me challenged while I crated my garment you can read about those here.

I posted Additional Garment Photos here.

9 thoughts on “Mod Coat dress with a Stitchless Zipper

  1. Wow!! I really had no idea what you meant by ‘stitchless zipper’, but it’s kind of like making a regular zip into an invisible zip. A good technique to know, for sure. And, it is indeed visually stitchless.


  2. The dress is very cool, and suit you Melody 😉 I must say I got my hopes up, reading stitchless zipper. Too good to be true, of course, but it looks dang good, and something I will try sometime!


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