New Skill: Hand-Picked Zipper in the Jungle

I almost thought I wasn’t going to have time to sneak in a new skill this month, then I realized that the best kind of zipper for my flocked tiger taffeta dress would be a hand-picked one. This fabric was stiff and slid against itself in some spots while grabbing onto itself in others. Putting the zipper in by hand gave me a lot more control than I could have had if I’d used my machine. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I can’t believe I’ve been sewing for at least 20 years and had never before done this.

The pattern is vintage, McCalls 5780. Side-seam zippers seem to have been quite common at the time the pattern was released. Since I went with the slim skirt version of the pattern, I had enough fabric left to make my daughter a skirt.

If you’d like to see more of our outfits, I wrote a longer post about them over on my own blog.

5 thoughts on “New Skill: Hand-Picked Zipper in the Jungle

  1. I have been doing hand picked zippers quite a bit last year and it is my favorite method, it makes zippers some what enjoyable. Your dress loos fantastic love the matching skirt too.


  2. Well done you! I did my first hand picked zip last year and I have to say using a machine again will be such a come down. I reckon they rule and as you say so much more control over the fabric. You’ve done a fabulous job here. Well done!


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