Smarty Pants February: The Road to Hell…

The road to hell is paved with good intentions – isn’t that a saying? And what’s more it might be very applicable in relation to me and Smarty Pants February, because I have LOADS of good intentions with regards to pants sewing.

First up I want to try another version of my jeans Burdastyle 4/2010 #124. Following advice from a couple of bloggers I have ordered Sewing Pants that Fit which I am hoping might help me sort out a few minor fit issues.

Then I want to try my hand at Burdastyle 8/2013 #118. I have had the patterns traced and ready for a little while, I even have a fabric that I can use for a wearable muslin, so I am not really sure what’s been stopping me.

I also have been curious for the longest time about pants with wrap fronts. To be honest they are probably unwise for me, given that the pear part of my pear shape hardly needs any more accentuation, but hey ho, we sew to make mistakes, don’t we. So I think I might give Burdastyle 11/2013 #120 or a similar pattern a try.

Aaaand then I have tentiative plans to make pull-on gym style pants as my current yoga pants are on their last legs. I have some black ponte jersey ready and waiting, so maybe the resulting pants are wearable on the way to the gym as well as inside.

So yeah, lots of good intentions – let’s see whether there will be even one smarty pants post from me for the rest of February…

How is your February going? Pants or smarty pants?

2 thoughts on “Smarty Pants February: The Road to Hell…

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  2. Oh, you have got my attention with Burdastyle 11/2013 #120, the pants with the wrap front. I think I might need to try these as well. I’m starting with Papercut’s Peter & the Wolf pants as a full length skinny and fly front and then the Jaile Jeans converted to a skinny. Enjoy your Smarty Pants sewing 🙂


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