Miss Bossy meets Smarty Pants

O dear! I have been doing some experimental sewing and half way through all courage left me…

So I would like you to boss me around and tell me what to do (yes, I know it’s not March yet, but if you can be bossy in March I am sure you can be bossy in February, ey? ).

It all started with Burdastyle 11/2011 # 105, the wrap front trousers:

I have been fascinated by this style since forever, because it adds a little interest to what is otherwise a rather boring garment. That’s the theory… But what about this:


Is that a good look? Or is it experimental as in “omg, what was she thinking”? Should I even finish these trousers (Obviously they still need hemming and a waistband)? While I like the wrap style on the models I keep forgetting that I am three sizes bigger than them and a pear shape…

Or should I abandon the wrap front idea and make them into a more standard pleated-front trouser? Like so:


Or should I just put this down to experience and move onwards and upwards with a more sensible pattern?

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13 thoughts on “Miss Bossy meets Smarty Pants

  1. I have this pattern in my favourites as I really like the wrap, but perhaps there is too much fabric in your pants, they seem to be baggy in the leg, so I wonder if you took out some of the easy would you get a better fit? I would keep the wrap but look at the fit issues, like the crouch and ease????


  2. Ummm….. I hate it say it (sorry) but that is a really odd Burda pattern! It does look low in the crotch, kinda baggy? Are there pictures of it out there, completely finished, that show what you’re supposed to look like in the end? Maybe I shall check it out on the Burda site.


  3. The traditional pleated trouser look isn’t half bad. I’d go that way. I agree with Cathy above, the crotch looks too low on that Burda pattern. Strange.

    I feel your pain though. Working on pants pattern this weekend and toile was just too big (defying all measurements!) Back to the drawing board. Totally frustrating!
    Best of luck.


    • Ramona, I have to admit that I was doubtful about the pattern even before starting, so the frustration is not too bad. I was just kinda interested whether it could work…
      What are you working on at the moment?


      • Vogel 8652 by Claire shaeffer. Took measurements on pattern and they should have needed extra at waist. Made the adjustment and they’re huge. Crazy. About to go back to original and leave wide seam allowances for adjustments.

        I really hate fit issues! 🙂


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