Kwik Sew Pants.

patternThis is my third pair of “serious” pants (you know, fly front, welt pockets etc) and I’m getting better with every pair. They were for my 19 year old son who wanted a pair that fitted perfectly. wholeshortsI made them whilst on holidays with my Mum and, because he didn’t come I had to wait til I got home to do the final fitting. The shorts are true-to-size, in fact the fit was perfect. open shortsHowever, his nibs decided they were too wide in the leg and requested some modification 😦 a full 10cm off each leg width, meant there was a lot of unpicking to do (I was not thrilled!). sideviewThe end result is a bit short in the crotch, but he still likes them enough to request two more modified pairs in different fabric, a success methinks 🙂

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  1. To find the pattern, I searched for men’s shorts patterns and narrowed the field based on the shorts he usually wears. Then I went to Pattern Review and read up on people’s ratings of them and then I made my choice 🙂 I bought the pattern online as it was cheaper (on the whole, sewing patterns here in Oz are expensive) and bought three more Kwik Sew patterns to make the shipping worthwhile. As far as the patterns, I have made three different KS patterns and am consistently impressed with the quality of the pattern paper, plus they have all come together well and have been true to size…very happy with them. Hope this helps 🙂


  2. Nice! How did you find the Kwik Sew pattern? I have a few Kwik Sew patterns, including a stretch jean one, and I am very impressed with the pattern layouts and instructions, but have not actually sewn one up yet. Was wondering if they sew as good as they look.


    • Story of my life! At least he likes and wears them, my 15 year old daughter is another kettle of fish entirely. She chooses patterns and fabric and then decides she doesn’t like the end result 😦


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