New technique: Welt pockets

Sorry to have this in so late. I did actually learn the new technique in January (and I made the welts on this jacket on Jan 31st!), it’s just taken me some time to post it here too.

I actually made samples this time! It’s not something I often do, usually just forging ahead on my actual garment. Hang, am I glad I did samples – my first one was a big mess. My second one (below), made after reading one or two online tutorials, was much better:

ImageFrom this, my recommendation would be: don’t sew your first ever welt pockets in fleece. It’s hard to press and is thick so you can’t get nice corners. Otherwise, they’re not too dissimilar to bound buttonholes, so if you’ve done one you can do the other (and if you haven’t done either, WHY NOT TRY? They’re actually not as hard as they seem).

My finished item:


For more photos and info, please (please!) pop over to my blod,

One thought on “New technique: Welt pockets

  1. Hear what you’re saying about working with fleece. Have been doing poly fleece hats for friends lately and you have to allow for certain fleece characteristics, like thickness & stretch. Your piece looks comfy!


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