This is my first post for The Monthly Stitch collective.  I’d been reading posts for a while, but didn’t feel I could sew to order.

Then, I realised: hey, I don’t need to do every challenge, just ones that fit in with my general plans. Well, February’s challenge is to sew trousers, and my boys desperately need some new ones, so here goes…

They love a bit of army camouflage! I liked the blue, but versions in green have already been requested by the boys (as that’s the proper army colour)!

The fabric is a thick heavy duty cotton; it has the weight of a light denim, and it was a joy to cut and sew.  The pattern is one from my Nan’s stash.  She must have brought it to sew for me back in the Seventies.  It feels fab to be sewing it for my boys. It’s an easy pattern with no zip, just an elasticated waistband. This suits me as I still need to develop my limited zip skills, and it suits them as it makes the trousers super easy to pull on when you are aged 4 or 7.

I nearly had a coronary trying to work out how to do a blind hem stitch! I’ve lost count of how many  tutorials I watched online, but I couldn’t get my head around it! Eventually I decided I just had to walk away.  Laurie’s pair I hand sewed, but with Rowan’s I persevered the following day, and eventually managed it. But not without rather a lot of swearing! The trick will be if I can do it again next time.

Even though there is three years between the boys they rather like to be matchy-matchy.  Despite much squabbling, I think they love each other really.

Details include cute little pockets which have already been used for stones, mud and stolen coins!

These picture were taken at Emmaus in Portslade. It’s so lovely there with vintage finds in the chapel shop, a fabulous
cafe and secret gardens to discover.  They had a lovely time and it was a great way to kick-start their half-term holiday.

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  1. They are fabulous – both boys and trees! Kudos on the blind humming too, I’ve machine hemmed everything for my 6 year old so far! And how wonderful to use a pattern from your Nan’s stash, that’s really special.


  2. It’s great you have decided to join in! The pants look cool and your sons are very cute models – it’s good that you made something that will get heaps of wear.


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