Announcing April’s Challenge!

This announcement is a little bit early because I am using it as a piggy back to remind those of you participating in Miss Bossy Patterns to post up your options so we can boss you around.

Write a post on your own blog showing us your options and you can use a polling system like polldaddy (WordPress) or pollcode (Blogger) to help us vote – then share the link to your post on our Facebook page and in the comments of the Miss Bossy Patterns post.

If you don’t have your own blog then please jump on our Facebook page and ask us there, you can use the “Ask Question” option. After you post your poll you can then put pictures or links to each pattern in the comments under the poll so we can see your options.

If you head over to the Facebook page now there are several links up already, even if you aren’t sewing with us this month please take the time to boss us all around, and pop back regularly to vote on new polls as they pop up 🙂

Let’s get bossy!

Right, April challenge time! During April we will be Sewing Double (Seeing Double)!

Don’t freak out, there are lots of ways to make this challenge your own:

We’ve all done it, sewn a magnificent item that we love and we say, “ohh, I should make a second one of those!” but then a new pattern or pretty fabric distracts us and we forget.

During April it’s time to revisit that favourite pattern and finally make a second one! Perhaps your first version was for wearing to work and this time you’d like a more sporty or casual version.

Maybe you want to make one of the other options from the envelope.

Or was your first version just perfect? Then make another exactly the same in that gorgeous fabric you just found.

Do you have a pattern in your stash that you can envision two ways, one version is formal, the other casual or sporty. Have you picked out two fabrics but can’t decide which one to use? Make both!

Lastly, some of you will have made a favourite item and you loved it so much that you’ve worn it out, now it needs replacing. Time to recreate it and feel the love again!

However you chose to interpret April’s challenge we want to see BOTH garments in your post, so we can sew/see double.

How else could we interpret his challenge? Share your ideas with us below and start thinking about how you’ll sew double in April.

Other exciting things:

28 thoughts on “Announcing April’s Challenge!

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  2. Hi all! I’m new to this blog and I’m wondering if it’s cheating to post something I made two of but didn’t sew them during this month??


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  5. I do a different view of a pattern that I’ve already made… The front is the same on each view but there’s a different kind of party on the back of each!


  6. Could this challenge be interpreted as using the same pattern to make two outfits for two people? Lets say, myself and my daughter? we are two ages, early 40s and early teen, so it could be interesting how age affects the use of pattern. 🙂


  7. I’ve been having a whinge-fest all month about how these pants are kicking my ass – and not in a flattering way – when I mentioned this Challenge to Himself. “Make pants,” he quipped.


  8. My wardrobe should actually be Noah’s Ark, cause I feel everything goes in two-by-two. I’ve made just about two of everything! Another thought, Sew Double could be a mother daughter matching outfits! Haha, not that my daughters would be seen in matching outfits with me!


  9. Wow, interesting! I have never made a pattern or particular item more than once. It’s not really my style, since when I finish sewing it, I am ready to move on and sew something completely new! So, this will be a good challenge for me. I will have to figure out how to interpret it for myself.


  10. I am so on board for this! I need to make some “pregnancy friendly” clothes so have been looking at patterns I’ve already made to see if any of them could work and i’ve got a few ideas 🙂


  11. Ohh, this sounds like fun! There’s so many options! I actually thought we had to make two garments the same month, but this sounds much better, and easier! 🙂


  12. Oooh I was actually just looking for fabric yesterday for the dress I was wearing yesterday to make another one …. Sounds like a perfect one for me to do as my first monthly stitch chellenge 🙂


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