Miss Smarty Pants

I was going to be making a couple of pairs of pants for myself for February, but the patterns got the better of me.  Instead I made something for Daughter No2.  The pattern is 110 from Burdastyle 11/2013.  I love the style of these pants, Daughter no2 fell in love with the pattern from the start.  We used a stretch cotton satin from Croft Mill Fabric in the most devine colour!

She’s wearing them out today on a shopping trip with her friends, wearing a 100% handmade outfit.

For more info & photos, read my blog post at Mercury Handmade.

11 thoughts on “Miss Smarty Pants

  1. She is just so lovely – and the outfit is divine. I had those trousers on my list of maybe’s, but your height argument convinced me to put them on the definite list as I am the same height as Belle. And yes, I do understand I’m not gonna look a beautiful as her, even if I use the same pattern 😉


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