Miss Bossy Patterns, time to vote (with a plea!)

So I put 8 patterns to the vote on my blog and the field was narrowed down to the following three, they are all gorgeous, (but if I can make a point for your consideration…here in Perth at the moment, it is 37 degrees Celsius and sewing heavy winter fabrics can be a bit unpleasant at times). I obviously wasn’t thinking clearly when I put up the Kay Whitt jacket as a contender, but I do LOVE it; so if it is the winner, then I will make it 🙂

So, here they are:kay-whitt2  2vogue-topThe embellished skirt and funky jacket from Kay Whitt and the Vogue knit top.

Let me know what you think 🙂




12 thoughts on “Miss Bossy Patterns, time to vote (with a plea!)

  1. In Louisiana, we also deal with heat more than not. I would still vote on the jacket and recommend not going with a winter coat weight. I can totally see that jacket in a linen or silk blend. Actually when I look at that jacket, that is what I see.

    But if you don’t want me to vote for the jacket, I will be glad to go with the Vogue top.

    Have fun whatever you (we!) decide! 😉


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