Crazy pants

Ah, the sewing blog. Quite possibly the only place on the internet where we can post closeups on our boobs and bums and it’s not a sexual thing. Plus, check out my awesome pocketses!

So yes! These are my utterly mad pants for March’s challenge, Smarty Pants! Can’t say I feel all that smart in them, more slightly anxious that people are gonna laugh at me! I loved the fabric and had been hunting for the perfect fabric for a pair of patterned pants for aaaaages, and thought I had found it in this fabric. But they’ve come out so intense, and they’re definitely not for the faint of heart, and for those with many neutral, plain tops in their wardrobe. I’d like to think I’m usually pretty adventurous, but I don’t own many plain tops to go with these pants, so I’m not sure how much wear they’ll get.

In saying that though, there’s care in every stitch. There’s flat felled seams, a beautifully done fly-front, top stitching, and plenty of time given into these pants. Mostly because they’re a UFO started when I wasn’t working last year, I do miss my sewing and napping days!

I think that once winter comes these will get a bit more wear. But until then, I’ll be sewing some plain black and white tees especially for these jeans!

You can read more about them on my blog!

9 thoughts on “Crazy pants

  1. I love the color and pattern! They have just the right amount of crazy, no worries. Great fit and detail on the pockets. My crazy pants are almost done, I just need to put in the waistband and button. They are also blue!


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