Miss Smarty Pants- Indigo Dyed Jeans

Phew- Finished these just in time for the Miss Smarty Pants February Challenge- my first submission! I’ve been working on these jeans for about a month, so I’m really excited to have them finally completed, especially before the warm weather hits Florida!  I was really getting concerned that I wouldn’t have a chance to wear them this season, today it’s in the 80’s.  My denim is a natural hemp/organic cotton denim from Near Sea Naturals that I dyed naturally with Indigo.  Between the indigo dyeing (which I did twice and you can read more about on my site), the sashiko stitched pockets, tons of top-stitching using a single needle, and extensive hammering for all that topstitching & all the rivets this was a really time-consuming project.

Indigo Dyed Jeans- Sew Pomona

Indigo Dyed Jeans- Sew Pomona

I made these jeans with the help of  the Craftsy Class Sewing Designer Jeans taught by Angela Wolf.  Her class is really excellent, it takes you through each step of construction and offers a variety of techniques to make the jeans how you like them.  She shows different leg shape options, finishing techniques & pocket ideas.   She shows some great distressing techniques too, which I didn’t use for this pair but may use in the future. Her lesson on fitting the pattern was so helpful!  For my pattern I used Vogue V8774 which I had seen in Vogue Patterns magazine (Oct./Nov. 2013) Denim Issue. This was one of my fav issues so far since it had some really interesting articles on making artisanal jeans, how to source material, fitting and construction!  I highly recommend checking it out if you’re thinking about jeans.

I altered my pattern quite a bit after trying on my muslin.  I cut my pattern in a size 12 and added 1/2″ just to the outer seam to give my jeans a more straight leg, boyfriend cut look and added 1″ in length.  I wanted them to just skim my leg at the thigh and then stay straight.  I scooped out the back about 1/2″ and added a bit to the front crotch as well and did a full calf adjustment to remove wrinkles under the seat.  What a great adjustment though it sounds crazy- it takes out some length from the thigh and adds it back under the calf only on the back of the pant- but it worked wonders!  I also had to take in the back  yoke about 1″ total on each side and then alter the waistline to match.  The only change I would make is next time I’ll lengthen my belt loops and make them a little skinnier.

Indigo Dyed Jeans Sew Pomona

Love my new jeans- they’re very me I think and so comfortable!  To read more about my jeans head on over to my website :  www.sewpomona.com

15 thoughts on “Miss Smarty Pants- Indigo Dyed Jeans

  1. Wonderful that you’ve used organics and dyed your own cloth! Haven’t seen much of that being, and wondered at it’s popularity. Do you like the hand? Did it change much after the indigo bath? Lovely detail on that pocket – congratulations on these well-done jeans!

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    • Thanks so much! I’ve been trying to slowly switch over to sewing with only organics or recycled material as much as possible. As for the dyeing- the indigo really didn’t alter the fabric. I serged all my fabric before dyeing so I had very little fraying. I love working with natural dyes! Most of what I’ve done so far is what I can easily do in my condo- so mostly veggies and kits like this one- can’t wait until I have more space to have my own dye garden!


  2. Thanks everyone! I’m so happy with how my jeans turned out. The craftsy class was really great for fit tips. One of her first classes deals with fit issues and how to correct the most common ones. Plus tons of options to customize your jeans.


  3. Impressive! I was recently wondering about that class on Craftsy. I tried to do a simple pattern Colette Clovers but had fit issues. Did this class help you with the fit of your jeans?

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