Jamie Jeans …. Take One!

There is an online group called The Monthly Stitch which consists of a great group of seamstress.  It has been fun watching all the makes and participating in the chatter online.  February’s challenge is “Smarty Pants”.  I have a pair of slacks in the making I hope to finish for this challenge, but in the meantime, I have finally finished the Jamie Jeans.

When Named Clothing came out with their first patterns, I was taken with quite a few of their styles.  Particularly the Tyler blouse and the Jamie jeans.

I decided to make the Jamie Jeans for my baby girl since she would be an easier fit.  The fit of the jeans was really good on her.  She has stocky thighs and rear end and some jeans look a little tight through the hips on her.  These really looked good and gave her a leaner look.  Unfortunately, I could not get photos of her modeling these jeans.

Instead, her older sister (Jamie, oddly enough) modeled them for me.  (“Mom!  You’re not going to post these are you?  I don’t have any makeup on!!”   Noooo, of course not 😉)

Jamie has two small babies, the youngest is 7 months.  My baby girl has stockier thighs and rear end.  My middle daughter is the same height but has a longer leg look.  These jeans actually fit all of them well.  Minor adjustments need to be made for each of them for a custom fit, but they are all simple changes.  I will definitely be making these again.  The pattern came together really well.  While I had a few issues, they were of my own making.  Next pair will be much better (once I figure out the correct method of placing a jeans snap/button…if anyone has suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them.)

For more details on my jeans adventure, see my post at ThreadTime.

Pattern:  Jamie Jeans by NamedCollection

Fabric:  Stretch denim from Hancock Fabrics

Notions:  Jeans snap and zipper from Wawak.com

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    • Thanks, and thanks. Yes, this pattern surprised me. Of course, the true test will be when I try to make it for my 50 year old behind. (so much nicer than I originally phrased that. 😉


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