Smarty Pants Meets a Snake.

Hello PantsMakers!  I’ve had this super-fantabulous snakeskin print stretch twill in my stash and envisioned slinky, straight legged trousers sewn with it.  For my contribution to February’s Smarty Pants, I went with a fairly simple pattern,  Burda 7141, since it had very little embellishments and would appear very simple and snakelike with no pockets or front fly.

February 1st was also Serpent Day, a day to recognize all that our slithery friends do for us.  You can find out more info about this and snakes hereserpent day badge

Kitty aids in the fitting process

Kitty aids in the fitting process

I used a stretch twill.  Not only is the stretch fabric far more comfortable, but it is easier to fit.  I made the smallest size, 8, which did correspond to my measurements, but the pants ended up being very large even after I measured and adjusted the paper pattern.  This could have been due to the fact that my stretch twill had a large amount of stretch to it.

Two darts in the back instead of one

Two darts are better than One!

I had to take in about 2 cm (3/4″) of the entire inside leg seam and then put them on and ‘fit’ the rest of the baggyness by pinning the outer side seams to fit my shape.  My lovely sewing teacher put in a second dart for me in the back, rather than just taking in more from the side seams.  This was a great idea as it gave the trousers shape instead of making them look like skin-tight leggings.

Action Jackson Shot!  LOLZ!!  I have no idea what I'm doing here, so figured I had to share it with you.

Action Jackson Shot! LOLZ!! I have no idea what I’m doing here, so figured I had to share it with you.

Invisible Zip Inside and Out vertical

Invisible Zip; bound seams

The side seams were bound with an olive-green bias tape.  Naturally, because this will make the snake feel at home in its natural environment 🙂 .  I finished the inside leg and crotch seams by turning under the seam and zigzagging in an attempt to reduce bulk in this area.  And, I opted for an invisible zipper so that the fabric takes centre stage.

For more pics and info on the trousers and on snakes, please visit my blogpost here.   Happy Sewing Everybody!

Catja from Gjeometry

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22 thoughts on “Smarty Pants Meets a Snake.

    • Oh, fabulous! I think stretch fabric is the best for making pants, especially if one is not versed in trouser making (I am not). I can recommend the Burda pattern I used. It did run a little big, but it will also depend on how much stretch is in your fabric. Good luck!


    • Thank You Cheryl! I was trying to emulate snakes with the sleek style. Didn’t want any pockets or waistband or fly. Of course, this also aided in making them an easier pattern to sew! Win-win!


    • Thanks Annette! Be inspired (steal 🙂 ) away, that’s what the wonderful world of online sewing is about! And, there is something a bit funny about snake being swallowed up. It’s usually the other way ’round.


    • Thank You Amanda! I’m pretty happy with the end result. Let you in on a little secret though. I went through two invisible zips to get it right. The first one, not only did I have to stitch rip it several times, but I ended up damaging the zipper and had to buy another one. As they say: try, try again. 🙂


      • Oh never! I am having real trouble with zips at the minute. I used to do them really well and now have lost the skill! It is strange! I keep putting invisible zippers in with an invisible zipper foot and still stitch too close to the zip and then they won’t open! Maybe it is just the time of year and we are all suffering! Lol


        • LOL! You know I had the exact same feeling. For my Twinkle Sews skirt last month, I got the zipper perfect (well, as close to perfect that makes me happy) the very first time and it was my FIRST invisible zip. And, I used the very same invisible foot with this one and the same technique, etc.


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