Smarty Shorts: A Seasonally Inappropriate, But Semi-Wearable, Muslin

Hi everyone! I’m Sara, and this is the first garment I’ve managed to make for the Monthly Stitch, though I’ve been wanting to participate for a while; hopefully I’ll be more regular in the future. I was excited about this challenge because even though I’ve never really had much desire to make full-length pants, I’d been meaning to make up these shorts–almost pants, right?–forever. Before I go any further, I have to explain that this fabric is very not me. I did actually buy it, long ago, during an obviously misguided phase, and these shorts are actually its second incarnation. Previously it was a sleeveless shift dress and, well, let me say again, obviously misguided. At least for me. I think the shorts will get a bit more wear. They’re still pretty loud for my tastes, but at least now my top can be plain.

Technically, these shorts are a muslin, which turned out to be more wearable than I expected. (Well, they’ll be wearable in a few months, when the weather changes.) The fit admittedly still needs a bit of work, but considering that these are the first fitted shorts I’ve made in at least five years, and that I spent only a few hours on them, I’m pretty pleased. I used Simplicity 3435 from the early 60s, and made a few style changes–lower waist, front rather than side zipper, pockets. I also made use of a book from the same era, Else Tyroler’s Sewing Pants for Women, for fitting tips. The illustrations are quite entertaining.

My favorite thing about these–other than the fact that I finally completed a challenge, and that I unexpectedly made something I can perhaps actually wear–is the thread. Since there were already a million colors going on, instead of using one color thread for the whole project, I chose to use up all the little bobbin tails I have left from previous projects. Ten different colors of thread here. That’s enough color to last quite a while. I’m happy.

For more detail, and photos, my full blog post is over here. And while you’re visiting, please vote on my options for the Miss Bossy Patterns challenge, too (poll here). Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Smarty Shorts: A Seasonally Inappropriate, But Semi-Wearable, Muslin

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  2. Thanks, everyone! The fabric has been growing on me–now that it’s shorts, the print doesn’t seem so overwhelming. I think these’ll definitely get a wear or two (or more) this summer.


  3. Oh, these are fabulous!!! I love the fabric you’ve used, and the cut of them looks great on you. 🙂 I hope you get to wear them lots!


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