Mr. Smarty Pants

I could use some pants, but my oldest son, Romeo needs them more. I used Ottobre Kids magazine 1/2014 #37 to make him some new jeans. I think the pattern is intended to be skinny jeans since they do use stretch fabric. Romeo is pretty skinny himself though, so they have plenty of ease.

I used green top-stitching thread and interesting quilting cotton for pocket lining, but otherwise tried to keep the look close to what would be found in ready-to-wear, so he doesn’t have to be known around school as “that boy who has to wear jeans that his mom made.”

He says they are comfortable. Not sure what he’s trying to express about them here, but I warned him if he made weird faces I’d put them on the internet anyway. If I’m gonna say it, I’ve got to follow through.

I also blogged about his new jeans on my own blog. You can find the post here.

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