Yoga Pants to the Rescue!

It’s the end of February!?! I had every intention of making a pair of cigarette pants.  I tried — got the fit close but fiddled too much with waistband.  No cigarette pants.  Tucked in my stash was a pink striped jersey so I enacted Plan B and made yoga pants.

ATCH - yoga pants

Ummm, these are a little transparent so to actually go to yoga wearing these probably will not work. . .but to cut fabric and sew after work, well, they are perfect and comfy!  The waistband worked on this pair of pants.  You can read more of the gory details at The Enantiomer Project!

5 thoughts on “Yoga Pants to the Rescue!

  1. Yoga Pants, for the win! I have two yoga ‘outfit’ patterns in my stash and havn’t sewn any of them yet! I love to lounge in yoga pants though, you are not in pajamas, so feel presentable, but really they feel like jammies. 🙂


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