I hope that you are pleased, Miss Bossy

I’m trying to be the teacher’s pet here by finishing my skirt for Miss Bossy early in the month.


In the recent poll of The Monthly Stitch you voted for me to make the skirt with pleated waist detail, Burdastyle 2/2014 # 106. It was pretty clear from the start that the skirt would be the winner, so I cheated a little and started sewing it on the 28th of February :-).

So are you happy now, Miss Bossy?

Still being a bit shy…


Should I really show you from the front? Well, I better keep my new favourite jacket securely buttoned up…


I’m not drunk! I am just doing my Bavarian folk dance impression. Cue yodeling from the top of the hills 😉


But now seriously, where is that pleat detail?


O come on now, you tease. You are not Burdastyle, it’s not your job to HIDE the interesting design detail like they do in the magazine:


Well, yes, exactly my point! Now show us!

P1070980All right, there you have it. My daughter (who took these photos) said: “Oh, that’s very interesting around the waist. But, boy, it does make you look fat.” Nothing like a 14-year-old to tell it like it is, ey?

P1070979“But come on”, she helpfully added, “throw your jacket over you shoulder and try and look stylish.”  Yes Ma’am! You see, I have lots of practice being bossed around 🙂

The obligatory “Does my bum look big in this” shot:

P1070985Daughter’s unsolicited advice was: “Can you make your bum be less big now please”  I have nothing to add, apart from wondering where those bubbles around the zip come from. I think inspite of following my new mantra of “That’ll steam out” that I copied from lladybird, I might have steamed these bubbles IN as everything was perfectly flat and normal until I took to it with the steam iron. I am going to wash the skirt first and then see what happens. (Yes, you are right in assuming this might be another one of my mantras – this time all of my own making).

Bum questions aside the skirt was actually really easy to sew. The pleat detail is constructing by pleating a rectangular piece of fabric and then overlaying it onto the normal front yoke pieces, basting both together and then cutting the pleated piece the same size as the front yoke. So while this takes a little time it is really easy to do, no complicated moves at all. The rest is then just a front and back skirt piece, pleated and sewn to the front and back yoke.

I cut a size 42 rather than my usual size 40 because I had gained a little bit of weight and did not want to end up with too little at the top, but I think I should have make it a little tighter so it sits a little higher up on the waist. But again, I will reserve judgement until I have worn the skirt a few times.

One thing I found really hard was to find ways to style it. Wearing it with a blouse it looks a little too much like “on my way to church on a Sunday” (nothing wrong with that of course, but it’s just not my scene) and not enough like the fluid elegance of “The Great Gatsby” that I envisioned. And almost all of the tops I have are too long to show the pleating. So I ended up now in these photos with the only top I possess at the moment that kinda works. Just as well I sew, isn’t it?

How are your Miss Bossy projects coming on ?

I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

3 thoughts on “I hope that you are pleased, Miss Bossy

  1. You are the teachers pet finishing so quick. The skirt turned out great, I have a 14 yo daughter too. I do think you could go smaller and it would sit higher on the waist but I honestly did not notice that until you pointed it out. I bet you could sew the perfect blouse to work with it.


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