A host of five Tanias

A host of Tanias!

Hey there folks!

So, you know how February was Smarty Pants month? Well, a few of us were wondering what to make for it. And as a result of all of our debating, we all decided to make the same thing! The Tania culottes by Megan Nielsen. And then all go to the Newtown street fair wearing them. 🙂

A host of five Tanias

From left to right: Nikki, Emma, me (Kat), Mel, and Jen.

Yep, five of us. But that’s not all – we also had a remote participant – the lovely Tania in Auckland made a pair at the same time as us and sent us photos of her creation at the same time as we all met up to go to the fair.


(Tania doesn’t have a blog (yet!) but she makes some pretty fabulous jewellery so you can go and have a look at that instead.)

Wanna see what we all made in a bit more detail? Here you go!



Kat (that’s me!)


Emma and I (plus toddlers on our backs)

The Tania Culottes are so fast and easy to make up – just four pattern pieces. (Warning: they take a lot of fabric though, as they’re basically two circle skirts, one for each leg!) And they’re so much fun to wear!

It was great seeing what we all came up with – so many variations on the same pattern. Most of us lengthened ours (the Tania’s are very short!), with the exception of Tania, who made hers a little bit shorter. Emma put lace trim around the bottom of hers. Jen put a wide same-fabric band around the bottom. Nikki made hers in fabric that she can wear tights under to wear to work in winter. Mel made lightweight floaty summer ones. And I added an in-seam side pocket to mine.

Want to know more about each pair?

Keep an eye out on the blogs of the other ladies for when their posts go up so you can read about them, too! (Their names in the paragraph above are linked to their blogs.) 🙂

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