Look What You Made Me Do!

Miss Bossy Patterns Made Me Make the Amazing Fit Pants!

It was about a month ago that I chose 4 patterns from my stash for Miss Bossy Patterns to pick from. I picked pants because I needed some pants. From these 4 Miss Bossy Patterns picked Simplicity 1696-Amazing Fit pants.

Amazing Fit Simplicity 1696

I used a navy linen from my stash. I love linen when it is warm or hot. Since I live near Sacramento, California where it is HOT during summer; I love the light and airy feel of linen. As a pant, I can wear them when shorts or a skirt aren’t appropriate. Of course, my husband isn’t so sure about the wrinkles.

The Amazing Fit pattern lived up to its name. It was easy for me to get a fit that I was happy with and without a lot of frustration. I would recommend this to all who want a slim pant that fits.

A few little warnings, I would recommend changing the order of sewing the front crotch and the front pockets. I also increased the amount of the overlap on the front fly. I actually ripped out the fly the way they had me do it twice before doing it my way.

I decided to have a little fun on the inside. I made my pockets in red. Hey, no one knows but me! Oh, I also edged the the waistband facing with the same red. Oh, and one more thing. I used those fancy built in stitches that never get used to understitch the waistband facing…with red thread!

Understitching With Fun Stitches

With the fun inside (oh the puns that I could make!), and the Amazing Fit, I love my newest pants. I think I’ll be able to handle our early spring wearing these while I frantically sew up a summer wardrobe to go with my new linen slim pants.

For more about these AMAZING pants come visit my at Mrs.Toad Sews

12 thoughts on “Look What You Made Me Do!

  1. Pants, oh Pants. Such a challenge and I still have to take it on 🙂
    They look great!
    I love the decorative stitch, that’s what make it different.
    Herzliche Grüße,


  2. Wow, what an awesome idea to use decorative stitching on the inside! I love it!! 🙂

    These look great on you – nice job.


    • Thanks. I was actually running low on the navy thread and saw the red sitting there. So, I decided to use the red and had another thought to play with the understitching. Really impulsive. Definitely not planned.


  3. Wow, they look great! What a lovely job you’ve done on these. Feeling the need for some new trousers after this 😉


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