Bossy Scrap Fabric Dress

Last month when  I asked you to boss me around and choose my March garment makethe voting had me on the edge of my seat, from one day to the next I could never guess the outcome of the vote. In the end Vogue 1316 won with 52 of 185 votes. To make my version of the Rebecca Taylor Designer Pattern I scrounged up a shoe box full of scrap fabrics from prior projects. The Vogue pattern calls for four different fabrics blocked together yet I had to obtain five different fabrics to account for the yardage needed to create the dress.

My fabrics:

  • Tiny scale houndstooth cotton blend suiting used for center front and back panels as well as center bust section
  • Houndstooth silk and wool blend suiting used at shoulders and upper hip
  • Diagonal stripe silk and wool blend suiting used at bust and back bodice and side hem section
  • Black moleskin used at front neckline and waistband contrast
  • Houndstooth plaid cotton blend suiting used at center waistband and sleeves

I modified the pattern design, I added self drafted sleeves and removed many of the skirt side seams. I also had to underline a few of my suiting fabrics to make all the fabrics comparable thicknesses. My construction process is detailed here. 

16 thoughts on “Bossy Scrap Fabric Dress

  1. This has turned out amazing!! (I voted for this one – been looking forward to seeing it made up!) I love that you’ve used such a variety of fabrics – its truly fabulous. 🙂


  2. Wow, amazing effort. Your garments always look so sharp and well executed. It’s fantastic you got to put those scraps to good use also!


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