Miss Bossy Patterns finished..hooray!

Miss Bossy Patterns voted for me to make the Kay Whitt Parisian Jacket (from her book Sew Serendipity, published 2010).97814402035722kay-whitt I chose a heavy cotton floral fabric from IKEA and attempted pattern matching- that was a mistake seeing the pattern had an 8cm repeat!!! Actually, the pattern matching (or my attempt anyway) led to a few headaches, I dreamed about fixing the mistakes I made with this project!!!

I was a little worried the tabs would get lost in all the fussiness, but asked around and went with them in the original fabric and was well pleased with the result, the buttons are perfect 🙂 2asc2nybidgs70289rnq7me4ubstdbsqchr5bfyk-crkw864-h605-no

So, here I am dressy with white jeans…

resizedDSC_0454 and relaxed with blue jeans, which look do you prefer? 2DSC_0453

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