Miss Bossy says Drape Drape 1 #1 my dear!

So, you voted and I obeyed! Please meet Drape Drape 1’s Top #1 in a lusciously slinky red knit, sewn as drafted without pattern alterations! It’s as deliciously drapey and dangerous as it appears – this is the XL from Hisako Sato’s  iconic book.

I used an english version of the Japanese book and I did find the instructions lacked a little in translation – “flat-fell seams” meaning ‘join the seam allowances together’ anyone?, but the visuals as always were fabulous & if you’ve sewn a draped front top before, this will come together quickly.

I also paired it with an Iconic Sammy Cami – a free pattern download from Iconic Patterns (home of the Jess Jeans!) which is a spaghetti strap camisole, perfect for layering under draped tops like this or sheer ones. I sewed the size 12 in the Cami, giving me a neutral ease fit, I did shorten the straps to 21cm as the pattern is designed to be tight fitting and my bust would have indicated a size 8.

I’ve left more details over on my blog the Somnolent Dachshund and a Pattern Review

8 thoughts on “Miss Bossy says Drape Drape 1 #1 my dear!

  1. Very nice look together! I might have said it before, I love the whole drape drape series, though I never “read” it. I just look and sew 🙂
    It’s a little bit like translating ikea directions, it never really works.
    Love the whole ensemble!
    Herzliche Grüße,


    • Thanks Rebecca, ‘Ikea directions’ is the perfect comparison! – I love the pictures and only really noticed the written ones in this book because they were so different from the succinct ones in the next book 😉 The designs are universally interesting and the more I see them sewn up, the more I realise just how wonderful they are!


  2. Looks awesome. Love the red. Flat feel is similar to French but is stitched down for strength and stability. It’s typically used in jeans.


    • Thanks Dede, yes, that was my understanding as well 😉 This pattern uses it to describe stitching the seams right sides together, then overlocking the seam allowances together and pressing to one side. For the second & third books in the series, they’ve changed to simply stating “sew the shoulders”


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