Loud golf trousers – find your sunglasses!

A bit late to the party… I did actually finish these in time for the end of February, it’s jut that photos didn’t happen. So better late than never here is my second contribution to Smarty Pants (the first being my Tania culottes, which Kat wrote about).

I first made this pattern in November for my husband. He discovered a website which sold very loud trousers for golf (along with other golf clothing). A lack of funds, and postage to NZ meant that I suddenly got a request.

“Can you make me some golf trousers please?”

“Erm, well possibly, I’ve never made trousers before, so I’m not really sure how they’ll turn out.”

“That’s OK, let’s go and get some fabric and you can make me some…”

Does a girl turn down the opportunity to buy patterns and fabric when he husband encourages her? Come on, don’t say you would!

The pattern is Vogue 8719, a fairly relaxed trouser pattern which works well for golf trousers. The first pair I made exactly to the pattern, but this second pair I made some changes. The request after the first make was for some larger pockets – well there’s golf balls, pitchmark repairer, ball markers, golf tees AND a handkerchief to go in the front pockets! That’s a lot of pocket filling. Plus the pockets were inseam pockets and didn’t lay flat. Consequently they needed a rethink.

I’d made a muslin of the Sewaholic Thurlow pattern (these are currently in the naughty corner), and loved the slash pockets on the front. So I changed the pockets to slash pockets. This was really quite easy to do. I cut a triangle from the top side seam of the front trouser legs, and used this as a template. I also increased the size of the pocket bag.

The new slash pockets were a complete success. I also deepened the back pockets. The pockets on the first pair weren’t big enough – Mr N’s wallet kept falling out 🙂

And so with a lack of action shots on this second pair, here’s one from the first pair I made…

Check out my blog for the first pair and this latest addition to the golf wardrobe 🙂

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