Announcing the May Challenge

It’s time to shun those wovens!


Because in May it’s time to stretch your skills – see what I did there? 😉

Merino, Ponti, Wool, Jersey, Lycra, Spandex…and don’t forget the blends.

OK, I know some these aren’t technically “knits”, but if it’s stretchy we want it under your needle!

Dresses, tops, pants, exercise gear, swimsuits (go on!), ANYTHING!

We’ve got some helpful posts planned to get you stared. There are so many great patterns out there and fabulous fabrics to choose from.

We’ll be showcasing some of the best tutorials on the interwebs and if you don’t own an overlocker or a coverstitich now is your excuse to go buy a new machine don’t worry! We’ll look after you 🙂

Happy sewing!

27 thoughts on “Announcing the May Challenge

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  4. I’m excited! I’ve just ordered some gorgeous cotton and silk jersey from mood. BTW, I figured out at last how to get the TMS button to appear on my blog… now where do I go to get the ones for the challenges? Thanks!


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  7. NICE! I’ve got a fab knit all ready to go and a pattern to boot! Thanks for this great challenge, it’s perfect for my first one and I’m super excited 🙂


  8. I think this challenge will fit right in for my upcoming sewing project! Perfect timing. Can’t wait to get started, if I can finish up the challenge I am already deep into!


  9. OMG I’M IN HEAVEN. All I sew are figure skating costumes and ballroom dance costumes. I don’t think I could sew on non-stretch fabric if I tried (ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but not a huge one). And not to start a debate or anything, but most of us in the industry have gone back to NOT using a coverstitch machine regularly, so I hope everyone out there without one knows he/she can do just fine on this challenge…better than fine…with his/her regular machine. Really, you can. 🙂


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