Miss Bossy Patterns Chooses Elisalex

When I chose the options for my Miss Bossy Patterns challenge, I thought it would be fun to have them all as different from each other as possible, and to have an independent, a vintage, and a newer pattern all vying against one another. I should have expected that the indie company pattern would blow the others completely out of the running, especially when the company/pattern is the By Hand London Elisalex Dress. So I made an Elisalex.

I love so much about this dress. The sweeping neckline. The long, skinny sleeves. The unusual tulip-shaped skirt. The fact that it lends itself so well to home-decor fabric with a giant floral motif. I could possibly go on and on.

Also, it works well with this hat.

Of course I do have more pictures and info about this dress (and the hat too) over on my blog.

Yet again I end up sneaking in my Monthly Stitch project at the end of the month. I’d like to think I’ll be more prompt with April’s challenge, but I haven’t even decided what exactly I want to do. Perhaps I should just let myself get bossed around every month; it certainly worked out well for me in March.

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