The Bossy Blouse

Let me start by saying thank you (a huge thank you) to everyone who voted for this pattern–Simplicity 3260. I’m so glad I made it. I think I may have finally managed to sew a blouse that fits!

Yes, there are a few fit issues still (oh, the armscyes), but I’m still happy with this one overall, and I think that in future versions I’ll be able to fix those things without too much difficulty. And I’m confident that there will be future versions, plural–because I like this blouse so much that even if I couldn’t make any changes to the fit or style details, I’d want to make more. It’s comfortable and it looks like me and I’ll wear it all the time, I think.

I’m also looking forward to making this again because it was really, really easy. Only five pattern pieces (or four, if you leave off the pocket). I followed the instructions on this one, too, which I don’t always do, because the construction was different than I’m used to. I was really surprised to see that the instructions, which are from 1959, called for the sleeves to be sewn in flat. It was my first time doing sleeves this way, though I’ve seen it mentioned from time to time on blogs and had considered giving it a try. I’m still not totally sure about it, but the method does have its merits. And I got to try something new.

Anyway. I love this. So much. And I’m pretty sure that next month, I’ll be sewing double by just making up this pattern again. And again…

If you’re interested, you can read more on my blog, too.

8 thoughts on “The Bossy Blouse

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    • I’m exactly the same way with separates–I have lots of skirts that I almost never wear, because I have no blouses to wear with them. Hopefully that’ll change now…


    • Thanks! Ha–it’s actually a toy dinosaur. I have, er, dozens of them around the apartment and wanted to stick something in the pocket to really show it was there…


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