Miss Bossy- I finished… BUT…

Laurie here… from Sew Exhausted and I finished my Miss Bossy pick on Sunday. Yes… One day before the end of the month. But seriously people, that’s how I roll. I LIKE to wait until the last minute. I can’t help myself. Deadlines and me are like this (my fingers are crossed)… We are buds. So I like to wait until the deadline is upon me! But I finished! 🙂


I am currently eating JUST fruits and veggies because I cannot wear my blouse until I can actually suck in a breath without popping the buttons. DANG…

I wasn’t going to post- but then decided “What the hey. I think I’ll post this loveliness anyway!” So, I give you Simplicity 1590. A LOVELY 1940’s blouse reproduction. And I can’t thank you all enough for choosing this. Because I never thought a peplum top would be flattering on me. I love them on lots of other people and just made an Ava top for my daughter, but me? In a peplum?


This is me, sucking it in like there is no tomorrow… After a few quick shots I heaved a sigh of relief and put on a comfy super hero t-shirt. Whew! BUT, I am going to wear this! And soon! Yesterday I hit the gym at 6 AM and worked my butt off… and this morning I was back for a cycle fit class. Tomorrow- BOOTCAMP! Sigh… Let me go get another orange cuz I am hungry just thinking about it!

Anyway, thanks Monthly Stitchers! I LOVE this and am gonna make another.

Simplicity 1590

BTW- this one was snug because I tried my “muslin” on before I put in that last set of darts. They are in the front and are put in close to the END of sewing- so I missed them on my first “sloppy” and quickly fitted try. (Don’t we almost ALWAYS put darts in first?!)

The fabric I used is a cotton voile I got in Los Angeles in the Fabric District. It was a bargain at $5 a yard… It is so soft and flows so nicely. I LOVE it! And the grey color has a beautiful shimmer. I thought it may be too light weight for this but it turned out perfect! I love the rounded neckline… And I love that the peplum is attached 3/4’s of the way around leaving the front flat. Hard to explain in words, but the front of the blouse is all one piece and the peplum is added at the front sides and drapes in a flattering circle the rest of the way around. It drapes a little longer in the back as well. I will have extra pics on my blog!

At that is Simplicity 1590… I am going to make another one! I think I will make exactly the same size because then I HAVE to lose 5 pounds! 🙂

Laurie xo



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