Miss Bossy patterns – complete!

I have finally finished my first ‘Monthly Stitch‘ challenge! My pattern was this lovely vintage Vogue Butterick top and the fabric is a Liberty cotton lawn ‘Grayson Perry’ print. I opted for the sleeveless version in the end, as I thought it to be ulitmately more wearable. I have not made any adjustments to the fit, so is rather snug, but I think it looks ok!


Not having a photographer handy, I have attempted my own dodgy shots! You can’t really see the neckline because of my hair, which is why I have included a gratuitous armpit shot…

DSC03445 (600x800) DSC03448 (600x800)

All inner facing/turnings were handstitched down for neatness and a metal side zip was inserted

DSC03453 (600x800) DSC03455 (600x800)

So there we have it! I’m looking forward to starting my April challenge now, but I’m worried that April is looking a bit busy. Hopefully I’ll come up with something!


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