Penny’s Georgia Dress

Here is my Georgia Dress from last month’s Miss Bossy Pants challenge. I know it’s a few days late but bear with me ok? 🙂

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working on this number and it is finally finished. Unusually for me I did some pattern editing to get this dress to fit perfectly. From making my Hawaiian Georgia I knew that I’d need to make several changes to the real McCoy. I lengthened the bodice and straps, took the bodice in by about a centimetre on each side, and lengthened the hemline by about 10cm (this is one short dress!)


The pattern suggests using a fabric with a bit of stretch to help with fitting. And let me tell you this – the pattern really does hug the figure! My first version of this was in a absolutely no stretch cotton and after making my muslin I decided I had to change to a fabric with stretch. Sorry guys but silk was not the best option anymore. Instead I used a wool blend from Nick’s Fabrics on Dominion Road. But I stuck with black like you insisted!



So would I make this dress again? Heck yes. There is something immensely satisfying about working on a pattern to make it fit you perfectly. Although I had to do a bit of pattern editing 1. this is totally normal and 2. I now have a go to pattern that is perfectly Penny sized.

Have you made the Georgia Dress? Did you make any adjustments?

6 thoughts on “Penny’s Georgia Dress

  1. It is really nice on you. Good job with the fitting, that is always the hardest part. I have not sewn with this pattern but may eventually. I just finished my first Anna pattern by the By Hand London gals and I love itI The fit is much simpler on that one. Nice job completing your March challenge, I didn’t finish my trenchcoat, too busy this month.


    • Yes the bodice has about five pieces from memory so I’m very happy I’ve conquered it – it feels like such an achievement and gives me lots of confidence for future fitting issues 🙂 I’m still looking forward to seeing your trechcoat sometime in the future 🙂


  2. Congratulations, Penny!
    So glad you didn’t hesitate (too much?!) before shifting away from woven into a stretch. I’ve a pattern or two that’s gone that way, too.
    del xx


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