Bossy Beignet

So you guys chose for me to make the Beignet Skirt from Colette Patterns when I polled you last month. And behold, I deliver!!  

Gosh, me, don’t look TOO excited.

I gave it a fear factor of 4/5 and I think I was justified in that (self-fulfilling prophecy?). Lots and lots of hurdles presented themselves but I finally, finally got there in the end. Phew.

I’m really glad I was able to conquer this garment. I probably wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t been bossed into doing it by all of you!  I definitely have to make it worth my while by making a bunch of versions (one of my goals for the year, to use tried and true patterns).


I am INSANE for the depth of texture corduroy provides! Cordurooooooy ❤

The details, guts of the garment and more pics can be found on my blog  🙂

Thanks for the push guys!

5 thoughts on “Bossy Beignet

  1. I have not completed my Miss Bossy yet! Your turned out really nice. I have this in my stash and hope to sew it for Fall. Love yours in corduroy.


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