Double Take +1

This is the Grainline studio Scout Tee that I am almost embarrassed that I purchased – it’s so simple!  But I wasn’t having good luck drafting my own version that fit well, so the small expense saved time and turned out to be a good investment.  It is a simple woven t-shirt pattern.  Woven is the key word here; and not zippers, buttons, or ties!

I did have to work out a few issues.  First, I threw out common sense and went solely by the measurements provided on the pattern.  Version 1, the peach, was very tight across my shoulders and I am not broad shouldered in the least.  So I inserted a strip of fabric that I had originally planned to fold over and tack at the neckline just as a design feature.  As you can see in the photo, I just left the strip as it was.  (more photos here)  It works fine and I was tired of messing with it!

On the second and subsequent versions, I reprinted the pattern and cut a size 10 and it worked just fine.  I could possibly get away with a size 8, but oversized is kinda in style right now so it works.

I tried all I knew how to get more pics into this post but was unable!  If you want to see more pictures of these tees, here is al link to my blog.  Happy creating everyone!

9 thoughts on “Double Take +1

  1. I always think, “Gosh, that’s an easy pattern, I should really try and draft that myself” but buying it is so much easier 😉 All three a cute and different and I like that you found a way to fix your first version by making it a “design feature” 🙂


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