Sewing Double – actually triple!!!

The monthly stitch collective – I love it! So much so that I have jumped straight in and stepped up to the ‘sewing double’ challenge. I actually took it a step further and ‘sewed triple’, my third, yes THIRD version of the slouchy tee that I first made in a class at the fab Thrifty Stitcher studio. Can’t really call it a Breton tee anymore as the fabric has no stripes! Here are the first two…


I had cut the fabric a few days ago and had every intention of sewing it up that day but hubby was at the kitchen table studying so my sewing session got axed! Luckily today I got the table all to myself so I began my next attempt at sewing jerseys and I must say each time I sew with this type of fabric it gets easier (thank goodness, my first go was such a disaster!).


As usual I tested a few rows of stitching on some scrap fabric first and for once it was okay first time round. No idea what needle was in there but hey if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

The pattern is really quick to sew up seeing as there’s no need to press all the seams open and it’s quickly becoming one of my fave patterns right now. Shoulder seams, side seams, neckband, cuffs, bottom hem and voila! Top done. Job’s a good ‘un!

I’m very happy with this for a few reasons: 1) it’s a quick and easy make, 2) the fabric was an absolute bargain, thanks, to the stall in Watney market selling fabric for £1.65 a metre, and most importantly, 3) I’ve now fulfilled my first Monthly Stitch Collective challenge!

I’ve already got another one in mind as I have some more jersey in my stash, I just need to wash the fabric and get going. As it happens next month’s challenge is ‘sew stretchy’ so if I can just hold out till then… Or will that be a bit of a cheat given that it will be my fourth one! Either way I’m looking forward to the next challenge and also seeing what other people post. In the meantime I have a few other sewing projects to get on with so thank goodness for the bank holiday weekend coming up, methinks it will be a busy one…






14 thoughts on “Sewing Double – actually triple!!!

  1. Oh, great tops! I love how they all look so different with those different fabrics. (My fave is the one you’re wearing in the photos – so cute!)

    Also, I really like your photos – so nice to see someone smiling and laughing, and the brick wall shows off your top really well. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing what you make next!


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