One For You and One For Me!

My first post!  YAY!  Double bomber jackets….New Look 0912!   My son kept asking me to make him one of my jackets in camo.  I was not sure how the pattern would look on a young boy (He does have a reputation to consider and all) but I decided to give it a try.   This fabric is very thick…almost like a canvas but it worked.  I found it at Joann’s.  I did use a softer black cotton on the backside of the collar because I could not image trying to turn it with double thick canvas. I used a super thick knit ribbing for the bottom band and cuffs.  Here is a picture of my jacket. I used New Look 0912 sewed it up just like my first one. I added an archer collar and went with a knit ribbing to finish the bottom and cuffs instead of the elastic casing.  This is a really easy and quick pattern to put together.  My son loves it.  Thankfully it is suppose to snow twice this week so maybe he can wear it a few times before summer.  I did make the body a bit larger so he has room to grow (he just turned 10 and is 5’1′).  I made the sleeves to fit him right now but cut out a replacement set for later use.  If he grows out of it or gets sick of it, I will happily snatch it up.  My blog

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