Into the summer – sewing DOUBLE!

     Easy breezy pattern, wonderful fabric print, amazing feeling of colors – what could be better for those summer days? Especially here, in Vegas. The deal with me is that if I found myself in love with certain pattern, I am probably going to make two or three, or maybe more, different takes and styles on it.  And such layout of my sewing addiction was just perfect for this Sew-Double challenge.

Flower print skirt:

Flower print skirt

      This skirt is made out of two layers, top is printed silk, bottom is lightweight crepe (that’s the reason this skirt has more body) and invisible zipper in the back. It might seem easy to do gathered skirts, but working with silk is a challenge on its own. It slips and slides and does all sort of things while you are trying make that perfectly straight seam. Another moment that I enjoy about working with silk: most of the times it comes in beautiful, gorgeous prints! In this case fabric can do all the work and can grab attention just like that(!), no complicated pattern is needed. I like my clothing to be structured, with clean lines and just a touch of detailing.

I hope you love the style and silhouette as much as I do with all the accessories.

More photos of this skirt and details you can read here, on my blog.

RED Tango skirt is a different story:

     I enjoy dancing and I have been doing it for quite a while now, however it was my first Tango night ever. To celebrate my first proper introduction to the world of Tango culture I decided to make something special and of course, in RED. Since we had in plans to go ballroom dancing afterwards, it also should have been something airy yet comfortable to move in. Full gathered skirt it was.

I chose 100% silk and doubled it with a layer of black chiffon, with invisible zipper at the back. Simple yet elegant I should say. Made it in roughly 3 hours, also while baking some home goods. Multitasking. I hope you enjoy the style and the flair of this skirt!

More details and photos you can find here, on my blog.

RED Tango skirt


    Yes, I am that kind of person that needs a pattern for everything. If to be honest, I love working with patterns, even if those are self-made or self-drafted, I still love to have one for any type of project I do. So, very simple yet quite detailed gathered skirt pattern you can find here. It is one of those ‘draft it yourself’ kind of patterns, so you can easily customize it up to your own wishes and shape. As you can tell, I like my gathered skirts to hold the shape but not too massive and puffy.

Thank YOU!

I would also like to thank this amazing initiative of “The Monthly Stitch” to encourage, inspire and showcase whatever we have created. All comments and critics are welcome 🙂

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