One McCall’s 5042 doesn’t make a summer (and neither do two)

So this month’s challenge is Sewing Double. Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone was a twin!? Alas, I am not, and so I give you, McCall’s 5042.

Image          Image

Just between you and me, these dresses weren’t sewn this month, or even this year. The cotton sateen fabric was from the Palmerston North Arthur Toye’s closing down sale last November. The fireworks dress was just in time for the Guy Fawkes day fireworks here in Wellington. Shortly afterwards it enjoyed high tea at Martha’s as part of a work Christmas function. And the green spot (not to be outdone) made its debut at the WSBN Christmas picnic.

Image          Image

Neither of these dresses has had a huge amount of wear, during the recent less-than-tropical summer. They are sad that daylight savings has ended, and were last seen enjoying some R&R in the back of the wardrobe.

Image          Image

But they love to party, and I’m sure they’ll be back as soon as it warms up again.

5 thoughts on “One McCall’s 5042 doesn’t make a summer (and neither do two)

  1. Ah, summer clothes…. I just packed mine away today (sniff, sniff!). I love these two dresses, especially the fireworks one! And hopefully next summer is better and these two will get much more wear!


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