Sewing Double – Contrast Shoulder Tops

This is my first contribution to The Monthly Stitch! I grew up around the sewing machine. Throughout my entire childhood, I didn’t go one Halloween without an awesome hand-sewn costume. My mom taught me the basics when I was young, but I didn’t really start sewing until last July when I got my own sewing machine. Now I’m hooked! So, thank you for this group, and here’s the result of my sewing double challenge:

I decided to revisit this Contrast Shoulder Slouch Tee pattern that I used last month (photo on the left) to make a maternity tee (photo on the right) for my sister who recently found out she’s pregnant (I’m going to be an Aunt!). As it turned out, it could easily be a maternity OR non-maternity top (once she gets more of a belly, I’ll have to get a picture of her in it!).

The fabric on the first one is from my grandma’s stash. For the second one, the blue was taken from a sheet, and the green was from an old t-shirt. For the sleeves, I cheated and used the finished edge of the sheet. And I used this suggestion to add elastic for ruching on the sides (for the growing belly). 🙂

Come stop by my blog to see more on this project!

Warm wishes from Wyoming!

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