Thanks for voting for Vogue 8805


Here is the Monthly Stitch Challenge project finished (and photographed, which is the step that always slows me down) at last. Thank you for voting for it on my blog! I liked this pattern, Vogue 8805, much more than I expected. The fit in the shoulder and the shape of the top panel joining the middle panel is really great. Additionally, it includes adjustable darts—you pick the cup size. A very nice feature for this rather simple pattern.


I ignored the instructions totally. I self-lined the top portion by just cutting 2 fronts and 2 backs. And yet I still had to hand stitch the armholes because that slippery rayon did not match up and I didn’t want it to hang funny if it did not align properly. So I sewed it together at the neck and down the back, attached it to the middle panel, and then folded the sleeves in as it hung on my dressform so I could guarantee that the lining wasn’t pulling. I finally used my Japanese “Wonder Tape” stuff that I got at the Sew Expo to hold it in place and it worked handily!

How about that embroidered silk bottom panel? I told you there was a little surprise coming…I folded that fabric in the voting picture so you couldn’t see the awesome detail of it! I’m so sneaky! It is another designer remnant from my local Pacific Fabrics. I cut the bottom panel shorter than the pattern calls for because when I researched other versions, the shorter bottom band looked more modern and had a better proportion.

Vogue8805backI split the entire top back panel instead of just a few inches like the pattern suggests. I had seen other bloggers had done it this way and it made finishing easier anyway. Then I added a little gray fabric covered button I found in my button jar—it obviously came with a purchased top as a spare that I never used and it was perfect. It is soooo satisfying to my cheap inner self to use up odd and free notions that I have lying around. I even made a thread chain loop. It was just like crocheting…easy.

My conclusion is The Monthly Stitch is quite fab. I am so glad I joined! I found many new blogs and I appreciated everyone who came over to my blog to vote. I’m looking forward to the next challenge.

8 thoughts on “Thanks for voting for Vogue 8805

  1. Oh wow, this is gorgeous!!! I love the fabric combo, and that decorated bottom panel is stunning!

    I’m glad you made the split at the back the full length of the top panel – it works really well like that. 🙂


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