Some bits and pieces

This is my first entry in the monthly stitch. For the sewing double I used Burda Style 2/2013 106 for me and 107 for my daughter. I love the Chanel look.

For my version I used a coupon. It was only 0.80-1.40 and priced for 4.60. So it was a challenge to match the pattern in the fabric. With a lot of patience and a little left over light weight corduroy it became this jacket. The inside is cut on the bias and the lining is attached to it.

For my daughter’s version I used fabric we bought at Stoffenbeurs in Haarlem. It is a coupon and bought for 10.00. She asked me if I could make her narrow skirt. It was 1.70-1.40. So I told her it was enough for a jacket and a skirt. The fabric is a bit stretchy. The lining came from a charity shop and luckily is also stretchy. I also used the light weight corduroy for a little contrast.

I love classic designs. The front picture on the Burda made me bought the magazine. The fabric I bought for this jacket is still in my closet. My other daughter also wants this jacket. So it’s a winner.

I made some changes. For my version I made a round neckline and made the taille a little bit narrower. For my daughter I only raised the neckline. Both version are made without buttons: the patterns are cut on the center front.

Well okay because the challenge is sewing double I also want to share my second double with you. I often buy very small remnants. I love the challenge to puzzle with a pattern on just enough fabric. Last year I came across the Sorbetto pattern. I also saw some beautiful changes. Thanks to everybody for sharing there versions. I started with 0.80-1.10. I didn’t make the front pleat and made buttons on the back. I also made darts in front and back. For the sleeve and body hem I used lining cut on the bias. The same lining was used for the backside of the collar. The lining was a left over. I made a new lining in an existing skirt from a friend. This Sorbetto is a winner.

For the second version I wanted to use an old dress shirt. On the internet you can find nice refashions. I used an old dress shirt. It came from the boyfriend of my youngest daughter. He is big fellow: 2 meters and he plays rugby. So his dress shirts are a big size.

I used my pattern version of the Sorbetto. I had to make some changes. First I made a yoke on the back. After removing the pocket there were holes left in the fabric. Then there was a little tear, so I changed the darts in the back and used the fabric of the sleeves. I wanted a collar. Now I had a problem because there was not enough fabric left. The solution came from an old dress shirt from my husband. For contrast I also used it for the placket for the buttonholes.

Above: the second Sorbetto version.

Overall I’m pleased with the result. However it’s a little bit stiff due to the fabric from the dress shirt of my daughter’s boyfriend. Some of you also mentioned this on the internet.

I learned a lot from this project and the second Sorbetto goes in the suitcase on vacation this year.

Now I’m stretching for the next challenge. I’ve already a few ideas. This week I’ ll go hunting for coupons.

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  4. Gorgeous creations! I love the collars on your Sorbettos, first time I’ve seen them made with Peter Pan collars and it’s very cute! 🙂


    • Thanks for your comment. My experience is that the amount of fabric giving with the patterns is too much. Before buying I try a different ways for laying out the pattern on fabric. A coupon is a gamble, but also a challenge.


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