Second Verse, Same as the First.

Double One and Two plus  pattern.

Double One and Two plus pattern.

Hello Monthly Stitchers

So happy to be here and a part of your monthly challenges. This is my first post ever at the Monthly Stitch and am so excited I was able to get my Sewing Double garment completed before the end of the month. I joined the facebook group first and have been trying to work my way through WordPress to get things going.

There sure is a lot of inspiration on the fb page.  Yesterday, I spent some time visiting many of your blogs. So impressive, all the sewing skill out there! I have a lot of catching up to do.

Last month I sewed up this linen blouse. This blouse is super special because the linen fabric was given to me by my Mom many years ago. Often I have thought about using it for a pillow or curtains or some type of home dec project because it is a mid to heavier weight linen. So glad I never did, because it made a cute blouse that is super comfortable.

Polka Dots. Love.

Polka Dots. Love.


The pattern was a resale shop find.

Blue dot means it was 50 cents. Score!

Blue dot means it was 50 cents. Score!

I think the pattern may be out of print now, I don’t know. How does one tell how old a pattern is aside from the picture? Do they have dates on them somewhere?

Anyway, this blouse was my first Simplicity Pattern. I have always kind of been afraid of Simplicity Patterns. I guess I thought they were harder somehow than the other big pattern company patterns. Well not this one, the directions were very clear, and it had simple steps and lots of options for different styles of blouses. I just love it and will be making the V neck version for sure later this summer.

So…today I made my double from some quilting cotton in my stash.

Fabric is quilting cotton from Dear Stella.

Fabric is quilting cotton from Dear Stella.

The second time around the blouse got even easier and everything went quick, which is the point, right?? This time I took extra care with each step and made the inside look all purrrrrty.

One thing I will probably change when I make it again is to remove the ease from the sleeve cap. I was poking around on the internet the other day and saw a tutorial for that. But, I would love suggestions from any of you as well as to what is the best way to remove that ease.

Now, off to dig through my knits for next months challenge.

Sew On!


5 thoughts on “Second Verse, Same as the First.

  1. Glad you didn’t make cushions or curtains out of the polka dot – lovely blouses. Re: sleeve head ease, apart from matching the under sleeves, the other notches I match loosely (within 1-2cm), preferring to spread the ease where I feel its needed (more to the back if there’s lots, which allows more movement in the garment). I don’t remove it because I have quite muscly arms from years of yoga and need as much room as possible in sleeves!


  2. Very cute! 🙂 I especially love the polka dot one (I have a soft spot for polka dots, haha!)

    Often patterns will have a date printed on them – either on the back of the envelope (usually written along the very bottom of one side) or on the instructions sheets. Look for the fine print, as that’s where you’ll often find it as a print/copyright date.

    Congrats on your first Monthly Stitch post! I’m looking forward to seeing what you make next. 🙂


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