One pattern, two dresses & two tops

So this is my first post here and first I just want to say thank you for having me. I was prompted to join by this month’s challenge since I just so happen to have just finished a second version of V8805.


I made this for Thai New Year (Songkran) which was earlier this month. It is horrendously hot (like 40 C) so I needed something cool and comfortable so this pattern certainly fit the bill. I also wanted to use some of my gorgeous handwoven Thai mudmee (ikat) fabric so I didn’t want anything with too much detail. I just wanted something simple to showcase the fabric. And again, this pattern does that.

I also wanted a quick and easy make. Don’t we all? And since I had made this already (more than once as you’ll see below) no alterations were necessary. so a no brainer really. You can read more about this version here.

Actually my first version was also a  quick and easy make. It only required a forward shoulder adjustment and a little length. Oh and the obligatory lowering of the neckline which it seems every single sewist has had to do. I also found that this meant the back opening was no longer necessary making it even quicker and easier.


It is also no doubt so popular because with a change of fabric you can completely change the look of it and no one but you (or other sewists) will realise that it is the same pattern. And it doesn’t just work as dresses….

I have also made a blouse and tunic version of this very versatile pattern.


The black silk top was actually my original very wearable muslin. Which was in high rotation and garnered compliments every time I wore it. Not that you’d know by the truly horrendous accompanying photo:) And the tunic is just the right length by simply leaving off the lower pattern piece.

Actually I’d almost forgotten just what a great top this makes (too hot for the silk right now). Mmm I think I might have an idea…


12 thoughts on “One pattern, two dresses & two tops

  1. I nearly bought this pattern over the weekend during the vogue sale but I missed out! They look great on you – you’ve got the fit sorted perfectly


    • Ooh pity about the sale:( Thanks but I can’t really take much credit for the fit, I hardly did anything.


    • Thanks so much Christina. I am very glad to have this pattern and if you do a google image search for it you’ll see many amazing versions.


  2. I love the fabrics you’ve put together! I have this pattern but haven’t used it yet. Thanks for testing it for me! I have a silk jersey I’m thinking of using, not as stunning as your Thai ikat, but pretty. Now to look for the contrast fabric. Thanks for the great ideas.


    • Thanks Laurajane. I really like the ikat too but I’m sure silk jersey will be lovely. Look forward to seeing it.


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