Sewing double double triple!

I called it sewing double double, as I sneaked in two posts this month, the previous being my Cambie double! And then technically I’ve already made this dress twice before, so it’s a triple!?

It’s knit dress pattern McCalls 5974, and I’d had two successes with it in the past. This one however, is modded almost beyond recognition!  Check out more on my blog.


Omg so much better with a belt.

I am not a photographer- here is an out of focus shot because skirt twirlies.


I didn’t even know if this would be wearable when done but in the end it is passable. I’m still not sure if I should make another one. On one hand, I quite like the style, and think I could make it better next time. On the other hand there would still be a lot of fiddling! It’s probably inevitable I will try another version as this is like a wearable muslin and I want to show this idea who’s boss. Would you make another one?

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