Sewing Tredecuple

First, full disclosure: as the title suggests, I didn’t actually make two of these this month.  I made 13.  But since “Sewing Tredecuple” is a silly name for a challenge, and it sounds a bit like an obsessively weird and basically useless overachievement, let’s just leave it at “double” for now.

Front view. Sabrina on the left, Emma on the right. The other eleven were too shy…or they didn’t want to stand next to these two loud and sweaty girls…

Each dress is made from a custom pattern.  The bodices are made of what we in the states call “slinky,” a poly-nylon-Lycra blend that stretches like crazy, drapes like a dream, and is unbelievably forgiving when it comes to custom fitting…though it can be a very intimidating first-time-stretch-fabric for a novice sewist.  Appliques and straps are standard 4-way spandex, with a whole lot of swimwear elastic thrown in for good measure.  30ss Swarovski Crystal AB stones line the stripes and straps.  For more on the joys of stoning, see my recent blog post here, about the magic of E6000.

Back view. Ignore the nylon runs and sweaty pony tails…I caught them at the end of a very long practice session.

These are team practice outfits for a large artistic roller skating club in California.  Since they’re just for training days and they’re not worn in competition, they tend to be simple and, I daresay, a bit boring.  Plus teams like to pass their outfits down from skater to skater, so the team design rarely changes from year to year.  The nice thing is that this lack of creativity makes my job easy; the not-so-nice thing is that it makes my job repetitive.

Still, the girls are sweet and fun, and the new ones really love getting their first team outfit.  Pictured here is Emma, five-time US National Champion in her fifth team outfit (thus the “not so impressed” look on her face below), and Sabrina, a maybe-hopeful-future champion in her very first team outfit.

Very attractive, Emma. Obviously not so thrilled by yet another navy blue and neon yellow practice dress.

Next month’s challenge will be much more fun than this one for me, as I have fourteen custom figure skating dress orders in my shop right now — plus a really fun, really wild hot pink latin ballroom dress to complete by the end of the month.  Not sure which to share, but whatever doesn’t make the cut will probably show up here!

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